600 Million Indians Left Without Power in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

NEW JERSEY THEN NEW DELHI SOMEHOW — Hurricane Sandy, the monstrous “frankenstorm” that terrorized the East Coast last week killing scores, is responsible for rolling blackouts affecting nearly half of India’s population of 1.2 billion, say government officials.

The outages started last Monday, as Hurricane Sandy was bearing down on New York City.  As the storm surge reached 12 feet around the Indian Point nuclear plant in Buchanan, New York, causing the loss of power to no one in the Western Hemisphere, 600 million Indians found themselves without electricity.

“These blackouts are a national tragedy, but nothing could be done to stop them,” said G. Karuppaswamy Moopanar, the Indian Minister of Energy, at a press conference. “When a natural disaster strikes halfway around the globe, it has an effect on us here at home. What I want you to remember is that these blackouts probably have something to do with Hurricane Sandy, not our nation’s crippled infrastructure, state-owned coal monopoly, or endemic culture of corruption. I assure you that your electricity will be restored, just as soon as some Con Ed workers decide to vacation in Mumbai.”

The Indian government is said to nervously await the outcome of Sunday’s Titans vs. Dolphins football game, which could result in the deaths of thousands of malnourished slum-dwelling Dalit-caste “untouchables.”

Originally Published: November 2012

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