Group Project Members Finding that Agreeing on Time, Place to Meet More Difficult than Actual Group Project

LOCATION TO BE DETERMINED – Members of Group B in Professor Thor Bergman’s PSYCH 372 class are finding it extremely difficult to compromise on both a location and a time to convene in order to finish their group project. According to sources, the simple feat of assembling six people in a singular place at a singular moment in time is proving more burdensome than the actual assignment itself.

“All we have to do is make a ten slide PowerPoint about gorillas using sign language,” said group member Sarah Waxman. “But it’s already taken us three days of constant emailing just to agree on meeting in the basement of the UGLi.”

Group coordination has been complicated by consistent deliberation over which time and place will not only fit all the members’ schedules, but will also facilitate the atmosphere most conducive for completing such an asinine project. In addition, after the group finally agreed to meet on Tuesday at 4 p.m., team member Jenny Firenzo rescinded her commitment due to “conflicts with another class.”

“TBS is re-airing the Seinfeld finale at that time,” said Firenzo, shrugging unhelpfully, “and honestly the 372 group can just make this PowerPoint without me. All we have to do is copy and paste some bullet points and add some pictures of monkeys.”

Efforts to reschedule the meeting have been hampered by group member Steven Wilkes’ unwillingness to meet before 3 p.m. due to his unique sleep schedule. He has repeatedly offered to work with others on the project from 1 to 4 a.m. in that alleyway by the Michigan Theatre, a place where he claims to spend most of his time anyway.

Additionally, group member Edward Gordon has yet to respond to any of the emails, and the rest of the team is skeptical that he will participate at all.

In reaction to the group’s discord, Group B leader Zach Grinell took the initiative to make the damn PowerPoint himself and email it to the entire group while asking for their input.

Despite the fact that nobody has actually responded to Grinell now that a passable project is complete, the group members have all decided that they are too lazy to critique their partners and will definitely give each other high marks on the project feedback evaluation.

Originally published: December 2012

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