Israeli Student Association Stands by IDF Decision to Punch Kitten in the Face

CAMPUS – The president of the Israeli Student Association announced today that the organization would be standing strongly behind the Israel Defense Force’s new military effort, Operation Let’s Punch That Cute Kitten Over There In The Face. The military operation was announced yesterday by IDF spokesperson Brigadier-General Yoav Mordechai, who outlined the IDF’s plans to find a really cute kitten, “and punch it really hard right in its cute kitten face.”

While many international organizations are calling Operation Let’s Punch That Cute Kitten Over There In The Face senseless and “a total dick move,” members of the Israeli Student Association stand behind the IDF’s actions. Many of the group’s members posted Facebook statuses in response to the announcement, with slogans of encouragement including “I stand with Israel,” “Praying for friends, family, IDF,” and “I still really want to go on Birthright, so…”

On Monday, various Palestinian student organizations took to the Diag in protest of Operation Lech Tizdayen, holding pictures of adorable little Scruffles’ bruised face and cute little whiskers. In response, the Israeli Student Association lined up across from them holding Israeli flags, not really saying or doing anything. One Israeli Student Association member, who chose to remain anonymous, said, “I mean what can you say to that shit? We just have to be out here standing because, well, we stand with Israel”.

Later in the rally, several Israeli Student Association members began to stand with Israel over where the Palestinian Student Association was standing. Amid various request to leave, the Israel supporters decided that they liked it there and settled down in a couple lawn chairs, further heightening the tension between the two groups and halting negotiations immediately.

Originally Published: December 2012

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